S02E02: Deluxe Edition

More than you bargained for

Time to dig in. On this week's episode I bump some recent discoveries of mine, including the latest 2 Mello. I also dig deep into my thoughts on why Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is the best video game remake ever. I also gush about the original Castlevania soundtrack, and tackle the lyrics of Slim Thug in regard to the plot of Final Fantasy IX in a new 'Video Game Based Lyrics Corner' segment!


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"A Dream From The Struggle (The Notorious B.I.G. vs FFVII mashup)" by 2 Mello from Planet Rock EP

"Steiner's Still Tippin by oOTAGOo" from Vinyl Fantasy IX

"Mallory Kane (Bomb the Banquet)" by Voodoo Lion from Press Start - Episode I: An 8-bit Childhood 

"Postcards From the Edge (Super Mario RPG)" by Random and DN3 from Time and Space: Eternalism (Feb 2013)  


"I Haven't Left the House in Days" by Arcadecoma from ...In the Snow EP 

"Bowsers Castle Theme SMW Remixed" by Emrls 

"Mother 3 - Back Beat Battle [Bit Mix]" by MRsonic699 


"Nintendo Throwback Mix" by DJ Grumble  

"Sword Search" by Careless Juja from Legend of the Boar Knight 

Ending theme by [unknown artist] from The Blue Marlin original soundtrack on NES