Power Up Review: Super Mario's Mushrooms


How does the size inducing mushroom really measure up?

The Super Mushroom*, one of gaming’s greatest icons. Unfortunately, this classic middleman to the good power-ups has been cast down into the pits of disgrace.

The Super Mushroom came onto the scene back in the original Super Mario Bros back in ‘85. Back when that game was kicking my ass, the Super Mushroom was a dear friend, helping me stave off death for just a few moments more. 

For all you kids who can regain health just by standing behind a crate, you have no idea how valuable being able to take one extra hit used to be. 

Unfortunately, the humble mushroom is no longer the powerhouse it once was. Once SMB3 came onto the scene, there became frequent ways to bypass the mushroom. Just blow by that thing and get some real guns like the frog suit! Yoshi in SMW, and eventually the full health meter of Super Mario 64 rendered the mushroom a minor courtesy rather than a life-saving tool. 

The Super Mushroom has found a second life in the Mario Kart series, but even then, the mushroom is rarely the item one would hope to see in a heated race.

In today’s power-up mad Mushroom Kingdom, I give the countries' titular Super Mushroom a...


Due to the newfound lack of usefulness, but the ongoing life the humble mushroom has found in the Mario Kart series along with the 'shrooms' memorable image keep it from being a total failure.

*It was originally called the Magic Mushroom in the NES guide.