Celebrating 23 years of Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening music

Was it all some weird dream?

Link's Awakening was my first solid introduction to the Legend of Zelda series. The game was strange, obtuse, and confounding. I got stuck a dungeon or two in, and never saw the ending to the game in my first stab at a Zelda game, but I roamed around the game world regardless, enamored with the endless mini games, sword cutting, and doing my best to figure out what the hell is going on. 

Despite my young failings, the game will always hold a very special place in my heart as the first Zelda game I ever played, and what has lead to this overabundance of Legend of Zelda merch surrounding my work desk as I type this.

The Legend of Zelda has more to do with rap than you might think. Much like many of today's leading hip hop artists, Link started from the bottom. He washed up on Koholint island with nothing to his name. After fighting through a world that feels created just to hold Link down, he slashes through the darkness and rises to the top. Literally. The very top of the island where the Wind Fish sleeps. 

Also, if Link is Jay-Z, then Zelda is Beyonce right? Why isn't there a drawing of that?

Did you enjoy reminiscing with these VGM remixes for Link's Awakening week? Share some of your favorite Legend of Zelda and Link's Awakening moments and memories!