Listen to 'hacked' Streets of Rage OST 'STREET SAFER, GO! by HACKORDIE16

I'm trying to sort out all the strife happening in my mind due to this album. I've seen mods and hacks of video games proper. But a hack of an OST!? Apparently that is what the group HACKORDIE16 has done, warping the classic FM sounds that are the Streets of Rage OST into some kind of alternate earth vaporwave known as STREET SAFER, GO!. 

'Don't let the strange concept keep you up at night like it does me. Just get groove to the eerily familiar themes of a classic beat em up that may or may not exist in this reality (oh, it actually does exist, enjoy).

STREET SAFER, GO! is a homage both to SEGA’s golden age of game production and the musical genius of Yuzo Koshiro.

Streets of Rage - or ベアナックル 怒りの鉄拳 (Bare Knuckle: Furious Iron Fist) - is a seminal entry in the beat-em-up genre of the 16-bit era. Gsaurus has hacked this game over and over and over, and one such hack resulted in the present release, simply consisting in mathematically inverting the code for the original score’s note values.

Much to our surprise, Yuzo Koshiro’s 16 bit masterpiece still sounds great if played back “from the bottom up” :O Everything is different yet recognizable as the streets we remember beating up so many a punk in. Almost as if we’re in the same city but at a different time period.

So the original score is so good it still works if you turn it on its head - guess Yuzo Koshiro is the man!
Enjoy :)

Super Smash Bros inspired remix album 'Dairs & Bairs' by Emrls

Super Smash Bros inspired remix album 'Dairs & Bairs' by Emrls

Emrls drops a genre spanning synth tribute to the original twelve fighters from Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64. Ten tracks in tribute to the ten franchises represented in the original SSB. No melee here folks. Although the classic status of the game doesn't stop Emrls from skipping the time stream and remixing music from modern day games such as Yoshi's Woolly World and Mother 3 alongside classic niche OSTs like Kirby's Block Ball.

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Check out Nanode's latest chiptune EP, Journey

Nanode drops a six track EP of room rocking chiptune action. The chipbass gets bumping right off the bat with the appropriately named opener 'Discoteque.' Nanode steers the Journey EP  through a variety of chiptune inspired genres and glitched out dance tunes.

Nanode is back again with a new LSDj based release!

These 6 tracks were worked on tirelessly with absolute love and devotion given to every second. From every wobble bass, to every bumping melody, you’ll love every second.
— Nanode

Experimentation, the latest collection of beats, flips, and remixes by BeatmakerKelz

Another wonderful album of BeatmakerKelz beats and flips. BmK always takes things in a weird direction, in the best possible way. I'm lucky so many great gaming themes enter his remixing crosshairs or else I would have never heard any of these dope beats. Besides tackling games like Banjo Kazooie and a strange but wonderful fusion of hip hop and Yoshi, we also get remixes of assorted movies and pop music hits. It's well worth a listen to hear the clever flips and experimental remixes.

DJ J-Ball drops "music VIP membership Origins (The Best Of Nobody's Video Game Club Music)" over 3 dozen hip hop videogame remixes

UPDATE: Looks like J-Ball went all out, added more music and even renamed the album. Even better than when I wrote about it! The original blog post is below.

I have written about DJ J-Ball's awesome remixes and beats in the past, but due to the fact that some artists and musicians erase or move their music about the internet in no easily discernable fashion, my old J-Ball based blogs will not see the light of day.

Imagine my surprise to find this album worth of bumping new beats from DJ J-Ball. Classic and casual, vintage and fresh games get the New York style remix treatment from J-Ball on The MAGFest Album.

Although this album came out last year, MAGFest is right around the corner. So I'm as timely with this post as I'll ever be.

Listen to NES style remix of Faron Woods from Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

From 8 bits and back again

Just found MRsonic699, so expect me to post more hot jams like this from him in the future. MR chooses an underrated Zelda track from the GCN/Wii game. 

I just really felt like doing this, I know this song isn’t all that special but for some reason I really love it. It doesn’t actually obey console limitations, but whatevs. Enjoy c:
— MRsonic699

Final Fantasy IX week continues with club music style battle theme

This remains one of my favorite battle themes from the entirety of the FFIX series (at least, if Battle on the Big Bridge never existed)

What are some of your favorite battle themes from the Final Fantasy series?

Chiptune album The Mega Hyper Super Ultra Album Deluxe from hardwired


An EP full of glitchy, hard thumping, piledriver chiptunes befitting of the name Mega Hyper Super Ultra Album Deluxe.

Five hard hitting, mildly threatening drum and bass to get you moving, all culminating in my favorite track, the spiralling chiptune madness of Violet Monster. 

Name your price to download the album now on bandcamp.

Naughty Bits, intense chiptune dance album by Glenntai


The provocatively named Glenntai drops a straight X rated level of dance in his sophomore album, Naughty Bits.

Released back in 2012, but new to me thanks to the one and only Glenntai responding to a random tweet of mine recently. As with any album I pass over, or miss out on for some reason, I feel some despondency to not getting some great music out to the readers without such a time delay. 

Better late than never though I believe. So get the lotion and settle in for a long night of Glenntai.

Listen to Super Mario RPG remix 'Tadpole Party' by AJ DiSpirito

It's a mutha fuckin' Tadpole Party!

Listen to this over the top party jam by AJ DiSpirito inspired by Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars.

As should be well known by now, my favorite composer, Yoko Shimomura worked on this game. She not only providing a wealth of new tunes that continues to be used in Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi games to this day, but also rearranged classic music from both Super Mario's Koji Kondo, and Square-Enix composer Nobuo Uematsu to complete Super Mario RPG's enormous and vibrant soundtrack.

Not to mention, Shimomura also did the infinitely catchy, globe spanning music of Street Fighter II. 

Listen to new chiptune dance track 'Plug Me in Baby' by JKLOL

Soaring chiptune arrangement from the upcoming album 8-Bit Crusades 3.

Take a fantastic voyage with the latest from JKLOL. I just discovered this track, and hope to one day write about the previous undertakings in his 8-Bit Crusades album series. Until that fateful day, I'll be bumping this track, not to mention the back catalog for this artist for some time.

Listen to new chiptune EDM single 'DU4L SCR33N' by MotionRide

Heavy hitting club banger from a jack of all trackers.

"This is my first song that I made partially on my newly acquired DS with LSDJ. I also tried to make it as loud as possible to have a volume level similar to modern EDM productions. Hope you like it. :)

Everything (art & music) was made by me (Pete) with GIMP, KdenLive, SunVox, LSDJ & Audacity."

- MotionRide

Listen to SolarLune's original chiptune single Eevee


A spacey chip rock tribute to the highly adaptable Pokémon.

I am always glad to get a good earful of great new music. I was recently lamenting the lack of chiptunes I've been listening to lately, when I come across this incredible tribute to one of my favorite Pokemon (at least in several of its evolved forms).

It's easy to get swept up in the soaring synthwaves and killer drum loops. The track is available free via SolarLune's bandcamp page

Dj RoboRob, Professor Shyguy, & My Parents Favorite Music combine like the Triforce in latest nerdcore collaboration

The best in techno nerdcore hip hop dance music.

Check out the latest collaboration between the trio of nerdcore artists. A smoking hot dance track combining the power of Dj RoboRob, the courage of My Parents Favorite Music, and the wisdom of Professor Shyguy. 

Listen to gun slinging chiptune rock in The Sheriff by Derris Kharlan


Pulsating sounds of justice and gunfire is all I can imagine in this epic wild west dance rock track "The Sheriff" by the always impressive Derris Kharlan.

This is the antithesis to yesterday's track The Outlaw. Great juxtaposition of sounds on the dual single West. You can buy both for only $1 via bandcamp. Two singles for the price of one.

Losap debut album Party Sometimes 'Gamewave' chiptune album


Laid back 'gamewave' chiptunes from the mysterious Losap. I honestly couldn't find out much about this fellow on a few rudimentary searches. All I dug up was a smattering of unrelated posts over on

Normally, I do this to send some love each musicians way, with a twitter link, or a soundcloud page, but due to Losap's general anonymity I can do no such favors this time. So if you are reading this, and you are digging some of Losap's chill tunes such as the earlier discussed November, or the party anthems of the album, "VIDEO GAME SH***************," and "Superbowl Party 3076" as much as I, then help in this grand search.

What's most unfortunate is that the last known whereabouts of Losap originate from Los Angeles. I'd love to see this entity at a live performance.